When you look through my portfolio, you’ll see that I’m a skilled photographer in a number of areas.

Professional photographers are often asked what their comfort zone is - my answer to this is that I’m simply never more comfortable than when I’m with my camera: looking through the view finder, composing the shot, searching the best location, adjusting the lighting, directing my subject…..

This is a mantra I try to follow with every job and I like to really get to grips quite quickly with photographing whatever situation I get involved in (within reason!), whether it be on location or in a studio.

Every brief has unique requirements and therefore I firmly believe that no two shoots should ever be treated the same.

With that in mind, instead of specialising in a particular area, I prefer to remain broad-minded and treat each job in its justified own right.

My portfolio will hopefully demonstrate that I focus on each new brief with a fresh pair of eyes, yet still apply creativity, skills, knowledge and experience, as necessary, for each situation.